WID Distinguished Teaching Awards Announced

The 2013 WID Distinguished Teaching awards have recently been announced. WID Director Professor Rachel Riedner, spoke on behalf of the Awards Committee. “The committee was truly—and very happily—overwhelmed by strength of the nominations for the award. It is clear that there are many, many faculty around the university who are doing compelling and innovative teaching in WID courses that enrich and deepen the learning experience for GW students.”

The winner of the Writing in the Disciplines Distinguished Teaching Award this year is Jonathan Hsy, Assistant Professor of English in CCAS. Professor Hsy has shown dedication to WID since he arrived at GW. This dedication is evident in his course materials where Professor Hsy provides carefully staged frameworks for students to undertake close reading projects with difficult critical texts. Moreover, he provides direction with peer review assignments so that students in his courses can guide each other through the writing process. And, finally, Professor Hsy’s assiduous comments on drafts and final papers enable students to learn as writers.

Catherine Woytowicz, Professorial Lecturer in Science Policy in the Elliott School is the recipient the Writing in the Disciplines Best Assignment Design Award. A longstanding supporter of the WID program, Professor Woytowicz’s course materials meticulously stage and carefully support students in science policy writing. Michelle Clark, Adjunct Faculty in the Elliott School, received Honorable Mention.

Professors Hsy and Woytowicz will be honored at the upcoming university-wide faculty awards celebration on April 24, at 4:00pm. Information about the location of this event is forthcoming.

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